Fashion & Textiles


The fashion and textile industries have a central role in emerging economies, with millions of jobs often offering a unique entry point into the formal economy, particularly for women.


However, serious social and environmental issues are prevalent and well-known, including child labour, dangerous working conditions, sexual harassment, and environmental degradation. Furthermore, consumers, investors, governments, civil society and regulators increasingly expect companies to proactively address these risks, at every tier of the supply chain.

At Kumi we bring a fresh approach to due diligence and responsible sourcing within the fashion and textile industries. We are unhindered by inflexible audit procedures or ingrained compliance approaches.

Our services are particularly focused on helping organisations adopt and apply risk-based due diligence.




Responsible sourcing strategy.

Strategic partnership and collaboration initiatives for due diligence.

Development of policies and standards.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance improvement.

Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) management systems.

Blockchain-based traceability.


Due diligence assessments of suppliers or investees.

OECD Alignment Assessment of companies and industry programmes.