UK fashion brand due diligence roadmap

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UK fashion brand due diligence roadmap

A leading UK fashion brand commissioned Kumi to assess its human rights programme to help it understand its strengths and gaps. Whilst the company is not directly implicated by the European due diligence regulations, it wanted to take a proactive approach by assessing its human rights due diligence processes against the regulatory requirements to ensure that the company aligns with good practice.

The project

To achieve the aims, we employed our Responsible Sourcing Diagnostic methodology:

  • Reviewed relevant documentation to identify existing processes and procedures in place. These included policy commitments, organisational governance structures, risk assessments, supplier audit reports, corrective action plans and sustainability reports.
  • Interviewed employees associated with human rights activities (such as sustainability, risk, legal and compliance, procurement and human resources) to further understand the findings from the document review.
  • Benchmarked the findings against the due diligence regulatory requirements using our Diagnostic tool, which draws on our experience conducting Alignment Assessments.
  • Delivered the findings and recommendations in a final report and held a workshop to support our client’s planning of next steps.

The outcome

As a result of our work, our client has a roadmap to strengthen its human rights programme that is tailored to its company structure and operations. This includes an approach to identify, assess and manage human rights risks in its operations and supply chain, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities to carry out activities.

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