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We develop practical solutions for challenging problems and leverage the power of business as a force for good.

Our focus is on helping companies operating within or sourcing from global supply chains to implement responsible business practices. This is about actions, not box-ticking. Clear-sighted analysis of risks. Management controls that work in the real world and deliver results. Transparency that builds trust and inspires confidence.

Our technical excellence and approach to quality is second to none. It’s why Kumi has been commissioned to shape government policies and industry frameworks for supply chain due diligence and responsible sourcing. It’s why leading global companies retain us as their trusted advisors.

Our partners

We partner with carefully selected and trusted providers
to extend the scope of services we can offer our clients.

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A proven technology platform using blockchain to provide traceability in complex supply chains.

A highly flexible and dynamic solution for the management of supply chain data.


A Middle East-based business consultancy, with specialist services in labour rights and worker welfare monitoring.

Life at Kumi

We aim to create a workplace where everyone is truly valued and supported to reach their full potential.

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The founder’s vision

For much of the 1980s my family lived in Kumi District, in eastern Uganda. The formative years of my childhood were therefore spent immersed in rural Ugandan life where, through a child’s eyes, I experienced first-hand the wonderful generosity of the local community and the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life. The experience also gave me a real passion for the natural environment and for community development.

It also sowed the seeds for a conviction in the power of business to help tackle poverty and drive sustainable socio-economic development in the world’s poorest countries. This conviction has guided my career as a sustainability professional and ultimately is why I founded Kumi.

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We support others working to make things right. Kumi is proud to support the Congo Children Trust, a charity working with children living on the streets in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Banning mercury use in ASGM – Is it that simple?

As gold-sourcing companies set stipulations banning the use of mercury from their Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) supply chains, we ask: is that realistic? In this Insight, with a focus on Latin American supply chains, we explo…

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Addressing forced labour risks in fashion supply chains

The latest KnowTheChain report highlights an increase in forced labour risks in garment and footwear supply chains. Economic challenges, including poverty and income inequality are creating fertile ground for exploitation as individuals des…

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Kumi reappointed as EU Conflict Minerals Regulation Assessor

Kumi has been reappointed as EU Conflict Minerals Regulation Assessor by the European Commission to evaluate the alignment of supply chain due diligence schemes with the requirements outlined in Regulation (EU) 2017/821, commonly known as t…

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Security Forces and Human Rights: Are clashes inevitable?

A thought-piece by Fiona Hutmacher, Consultant at Kumi who has recently completed her master’s degree in Global Political Economy with distinction. Fiona authored her master’s thesis on the accountability of multinationals in the ex…

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Building effective grievance mechanisms: ten things to consider

The ability for an individual or group to report that they have been harmed by a company’s activities or relationships is a fundamental requirement in any responsible business. And yet, according to the International Labour Organisation (…

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Partnership announcement: Kumi and Gratiya join forces to advance responsible business practices in the Middle East

Kumi is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Gratiya Advisory, a leading, specialist consultancy based in the Middle East. Our new partnership combines Kumi’s specialism in building responsible business practices in global supp…

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Making a difference in mine sites

Mariana Granziera, a Manager at Kumi based in Lima, Peru, speaks about her work. There are some moments in our professional journey that really make us reflect on the purpose of our work. Recently I had one of these. Kumi just completed a p…

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View our webinar on “Grievance Mechanisms: Improving stakeholder engagement and supply chain transparency”

Watch Kumi’s James Lewry and Safecall’s Chancelle Blakey as they discuss the essential role of grievance mechanisms in responsible business conduct in the video below.

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Kumi’s analysis of the five myths of grievance mechanisms

Download Kumi’s analysis of the five myths of grievance mechanisms: Myth #1 – “Our corporate whistleblowing hotline is our grievance mechanism…” Myth #2 – “Everything must be fine because no one has raised a grievanc…

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