Kumi Newsletter April 2024

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Throughout the series, you will hear from different members in our team about their specialties and current work, including the EU Battery Regulation, preparing companies’ due diligence systems, conducting human rights risk assessments, and many other aspects of our work in helping to build responsible businesses. 

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Andrew Britton
CEO and Founder

The key developments this month:
1. EU Parliament votes to adopt EU Forced Labour Act
The EU parliament has given its final approval to a new regulation that bans the import, sale, and export of products made with forced labour from the EU market. 
2. The EU’s Corporate Supply Chain Due Diligence Directive (CS3D) finally passes!
Although criticised for being ‘watered-down’ due to limiting the number of companies in scope, the CS3D was finally passed this month, mandating due diligence obligations on large EU and non-EU companies to address adverse human rights and environment impacts.  
3. New guidance released for businesses on access to remedy
The OHCHR has released an interpretive guide for businesses on access to remedy. The practical guide uses a Q&A format to interpret pillar III of the UN Guiding Principles. 
4. UK and US sanctions on Russian metals affecting batteries
Russia accounts for 10-20% of battery-grade nickel worldwide, meaning the sanctions present challenges for the upcoming EU Battery Regulation.

Kumi podcasts

Practical ESG presents: An Update on Human Rights Due Diligence Auditing and Technology

A podcast discussing developments in Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) with Andrew Britton and Lawrence Heim.

The focus on human rights issues and expectations for supply chain due diligence have changed significantly since 2015, when Andrew founded Kumi. The level of visibility and attention on these issues has exploded.

Listen to the podcast.

Addressing forced labour risks in fashion supply chains

The latest KnowTheChain report highlights an increase in forced labour risks in garment and footwear supply chains. Economic challenges, including poverty and income inequality are creating fertile ground for exploitation as individuals desperate for work are more susceptible to coercion and abuse.

Read more.

Five essential considerations for downstream companies to achieve cost-effective and value-adding site assessments

Five Steps to Improve Your Mine Site Assessments

Carrying out site assessments to identify supply chain risks is a significant investment of both time and resources. To ensure that ‘boots on the ground’ assessments are not only cost-effective but valuable*, it is crucial to approach them with a strategic mindset. This Insight outlines how to master mine site assessments, enhance efficiency and extract maximum value from the process.

Read more.

OECD Minerals Conference
21st – 24th May 2024

Our CEO, Andrew Britton will be moderating a session on “Due Diligence multistakeholder partnerships for Just Transition in the Metals and Renewable Energy sector” at 2pm on Wednesday 22nd May 2024. He will accompanied by Alex Graf, our Senior Consultant, who is currently supporting the European Commission on the EU Battery Regulation. We will be around to have a chat, so please book a meeting with us below if you would like to catch up with Kumi.

The Forum will explore emerging priorities in responsible mineral supply chains, with sessions on conflict risks, gold supply chains, the regulatory landscape, and the role for responsible business conduct in government-to-government agreements on transition minerals. 

Book a meeting with us!