Establishing a Social Performance Standard: leading miner

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Establishing a Social Performance Standard: leading miner

Kumi was commissioned by a leading multi-national mining company to update its Social Performance Standard. The project was part of the company’s broader strategic review of its approach to addressing ESG issues: in particular that it did not have a consistent or clear approach to social performance, which resulted in it being rolled out inconsistently at mine sites and within local communities.

As a result of Kumi’s work, the company now has a robust commitment to Social Performance at corporate level and a clear set of guidance and procedures for Social Performance activities with established roles and accountabilities.

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Developing the policy and procedural documents

To develop the policy and procedural documents, Kumi undertook the following activities:

  • Reviewed the company’s existing documents and processes relating to Social Performance and interviewed relevant employees to understand the existing state-of-play.
  • Benchmarked the company’s approach to Social Performance against good practice recommendations and industry standards.
  • Updated and drafted tools, templates and procedural documents associated with Social Performance.

Further support to implement the Social Performance Standard

Throughout the engagement, Kumi collaborated closely with business units and stakeholders across the company’s mine sites and operations to build a shared understanding of the challenges the company was facing and how the newly created Social Performance Standard would address these.

The project informed Kumi’s subsequent development of a capacity-building programme to ensure that employees responsible for implementing the Social Performance Standard are trained effectively and that activities are carried out consistently across its mine sites.