Kumi is founded on the belief that multinational corporations are amongst the most powerful and influential institutions of our time - and one of the most important drivers of poverty alleviation and sustainable social and economic development in the world’s poorest countries.

We believe sustainable commercial success goes hand in glove with responsible business practices.

We help our clients do good business.  

We have a specialist focus on business operations in developing countries

We are proudly specialist in our focus. At Kumi we don’t try to do everything, but we aim to be the best at what we do.

Kumi is specifically investing for long-term delivery capabilities in African countries that are emerging as destinations for foreign private sector investment, but still face significant challenges in tackling poverty, protecting the environment, and improving social protection and governance.

We are redefining sustainability consulting

Kumi's innovative business model combines the professionalism, structured approach and commitment to quality that you expect from the world’s top professional services firms, with the local knowledge, relationships and technical expertise of international development organisations.

Our services are delivered using a combination of Kumi's in-house expertise and carefully selected, highly experienced, independent consultants, who will often be nationals of the country in which the project is being undertaken. We collaborate with other consulting firms where, by combining our respective strengths, we can better meet clients' needs. 

For clients, our networked business model means we field consultant teams who are far more experienced and technically focused than the teams traditional consulting firms can offer. We bring outstanding business value – and, freed from internal bureaucracy and heavy overheads, do so at a fair price.