Kumi is a specialist sustainability consultancy.


We help build responsible supply chains. 


At Kumi we help companies to manage social and environmental risks, build resilience, improve their performance and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

We help policymakers to foster responsible business practices based on informed decisions.



Mineral Supply Chains

Kumi provides due diligence and advisory services to support companies in building responsible and sustainable mineral supply chains.

Agricultural Commodities

Kumi helps companies that use or produce agricultural commodity products to manage social and environmental risks and build more resilient supply chains.



Garment and textiles

Kumi helps companies in the garment and textile industries to evaluate and strengthen their due diligence and responsible sourcing practices.

Operational Performance

Kumi helps companies with operations or investments in emerging markets to realise additional business value through improved health, safety, environmental and community management. 


At Kumi we believe responsible business practices make good business sense.


We recognise the complexity of the social, environmental and, just as importantly, commercial challenges facing businesses with global supply chains or operations within the emerging markets.

We combine the flexibility and focus of a boutique consulting firm with the structure, rigour and commitment to quality you expect from a top global consulting firm.


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