Partnership announcement: Kumi and Gratiya join forces to advance responsible business practices in the Middle East

Kumi is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Gratiya Advisory, a leading, specialist consultancy based in the Middle East. Our new partnership combines Kumi’s specialism in building responsible business practices in global supply chains with Gratiya’s unique, on-the-ground, labour rights due diligence capability in the fast-growing Middle East market.

“I am excited about this new partnership with Gratiya, which will really strengthen the support we can provide our clients in the critical area of labour rights,” says Andrew Britton, founder and CEO of Kumi. “This partnership combines Kumi’s expertise in responsible sourcing and human rights due diligence in global supply chains with Gratiya’s practical experience of delivering modern slavery and worker welfare monitoring across the Middle East. Together, we offer our clients a rounded platform for building responsible business practices in the Middle East region and beyond.” 

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Kumi,” says Dr Tarek Oliviera Shayya, founder and managing director of Gratiya Advisory. “As a trusted advisor to regional and international businesses in the Middle East, we understand the importance of ensuring that sustainable and responsible business practices underpin economic growth. We are therefore pleased to join forces with Kumi, who are leaders in responsible business and share our mission of putting social sustainability at the heart of world-class businesses.” 

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