European supply chain due diligence: Fortune 500 firm

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European supply chain due diligence: Fortune 500 firm

Motivated by its strategic vision to be a sustainability leader, a global Fortune 500 company continued its engagement with Kumi to underpin its preparation for upcoming German, Norwegian and EU supply chain due diligence legislations. These require companies to have robust management systems for human rights due diligence.

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Collaborative approach to engage senior management

Kumi collaborated with the company’s project team to deliver a compelling human rights due diligence strategy, including processes, global management accountabilities and a roadmap for upskilling local teams. This was presented to the company’s senior management team through a series of workshops and a written report.

As a result of our engagement, the company has a clear action plan to enhance its management systems for human rights due diligence and to ensure its responsible sourcing compliance with legislative requirements ahead of multiple upcoming deadlines.

Kumi’s approach to human rights due diligence strategy

In order to develop the human rights due diligence strategy, Kumi’s responsible supply chain consulting team undertook the following activities:

  • Assessed the company’s existing systems and processes for responsible sourcing compliance through document reviews and stakeholder interviews, including to understand how these operated in practice.
  • Applied Kumi’s Responsible Sourcing Diagnostic methodology to assess the company’s existing systems against the requirements of the German, Norwegian and EU legislation and good practice recommendations for human rights due diligence. Our Responsible Sourcing Diagnostic methodology builds on our experience developing Alignment Assessment methodologies with the OECD, such as for the minerals, agricultural and fashion sectors, which define responsible sourcing compliance expectations for companies and schemes and increasingly form the basis of regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Delivered a report for the company’s senior leadership. This provided the key findings from the assessment and targeted recommendations for developing a coordinated management system for human rights due diligence at both local and global levels.
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