Research that provides objective, fact-based data - particularly when this contributes new information or perspectives on an issue - is a powerful way for businesses to communicate. It can build relationships with key stakeholders such as policymakers and opinion formers, and influence the solutions or regulatory responses that are developed to address the issue of concern.

Research can also play an important role in enabling businesses to improve their own performance in managing social, environmental or ethical issues. It can provide inputs into strategy development or provide the basis for management tools that inform decision-making.

Kumi can provide high quality, objective and independent research to support the needs of your business. We have significant experience in authoring studies that support industry advocacy and stakeholder engagement, in undertaking both primary (field-based) and secondary (desk-based) research, and in developing practical tools and methodologies for businesses to use in addressing sustainability issues.

Examples of publicly available research studies that were authored by Andrew Britton, Kumi's Managing Director, in his previous roles with other firms prior to him establishing Kumi can be viewed via his LinkedIn profile