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RBC Health Check: how mature is your supply chain due diligence?

Whether you want to decrease risk exposure, align with international frameworks, or meet legislation requirements like the LkSG, CS3D or EU Battery Regulation, our diagnostic tools and methodology can help you understand and improve your due diligence process and responsible business conduct.

Based on our unique experience working with clients across multiple industry sectors and geographies, our free Health Check can give you a high-level snapshot of your current responsible business performance. It’s a starting point for assessing how your business stacks up and what you should consider to improve.


What is Responsible Business Conduct?

Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) is how businesses operate ethically and responsibly to enhance societal benefits and minimise negative impacts. It includes ethical practices, human rights protection, fair labour conditions, environmental stewardship, consumer protection, community engagement, and robust governance.

Integrating RBC practices aligns a business with international standards, such as the OECD Guidelines and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. It also encourages a culture of sustainability that supports long-term business success, manages risk, and improves reputation and performance.

Health check

Our free RBC Health Check

Our RBC Health Check is a free tool that helps you assess how your business meets due diligence expectations for responsible business conduct. It uses questions based on leading frameworks, such as the OECD guidelines, to provide a high-level view of your current approach.

How does it work?
You will see 13 statements covering six due diligence areas. For each statement, consider your current state and move the slider along the five-point scale to a position that best represents this (1= don’t align, 5= fully align).

What will I get?
After completing the health check, you will receive a free PDF report of your results showing where your current gaps may be and what you can do to improve your performance.