Timothy Perkin

Senior Consultant

James Lewry


From code to conduct: practical insights on using technology to build responsible supply chains

Monday 20th May 2024
1.30pm BST

As businesses grapple with a growing landscape of sustainability regulations, including the EU Battery Regulation, the LkSG and the CS3D, effective due diligence is more important than ever. Supply chains are complex, and technology has become an essential part of mapping suppliers and managing risks. So, how do companies ensure that the tech they invest in accurately shows the state of their supply chain, with suppliers meeting code of conduct expectations and sustainability risks managed?

Our expert panel, featured James Lewry (Kumi)Timothy Perkin (Kumi) and Bethan Miles (Origin), who dove into the pivotal role that technology plays in supply chain due diligence and why it’s important to use tech as a tool in your sustainability toolkit, not rely on it as a standalone solution.

They were joined by Cerian Atwell (Senior Sustainability Manager, Marks & Spencer), who shared insights on how Marks & Spencer has leveraged technology to support its due diligence activities.

In this session, the team answered:

– Why technology is playing an increasing role in supply chain due diligence

– How to implement technology effectively to support responsible business conduct

– Lessons learned from a global supplier sustainability program