Project update - Implementing the OECD-FAO Agricultural Supply Chain Guidance


Following the baseline analysis completed in 2018 as part of the OECD-FAO Pilot Project on Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains, Kumi facilitated a progress analysis in 2019 with the aim of understanding the progress made by companies in implementing the recommendations of the OECD-FAO Guidance.

The Final Report, due to be published later this year will present the aggregate findings of the progress analysis, as well as the lessons learned and good practices identified throughout the duration of the pilot. The report will also provide specific recommendations for companies and their key stakeholders to address remaining challenges in implementing the 5-step due diligence framework set out by the OECD-FAO Guidance.

The Final Report will inform next steps for the OECD and FAO to build on the pilot project and develop further activities focused on advancing due diligence and responsible business practices in agricultural supply chains.

We will provide further updates about the Final Report on our website.

More information about the pilot project and the OECD-FAO Guidance can be found on the OECD website. If you would like to know more about how Kumi can support companies operating or investing in agricultural supply chains, please get in touch.