Natural mineral resources not only provide excellent commercial opportunities for investors; they also hold great potential for supporting development in some of the world’s poorest countries. However, significant shares of these resources are in areas where the production and trade in minerals can contribute towards armed conflict, human rights abuses or other adverse impacts.

Managing risks in mineral supply chains and navigating the growing volume of compliance requirements relating to responsible mineral sourcing can be extremely challenging for companies.

There are growing demands from influential stakeholders – including downstream purchasers, banks, regulators and civil society organisations – for companies to demonstrate that minerals have been produced responsibly and without harmful impacts for people or the environment. There is increasing awareness of the role that extractive industries can play in driving sustainable socio-economic development in some of the world's poorest countries.

At Kumi we bring deep expertise in the practical application of responsible business practices at all levels of the metals and minerals value chain.

  • We support mining companies to develop and manage their operations in line with key global frameworks and industry standards for responsible mineral production, and to support sustainable socio-economic development. Our services help mining companies to build and maintain their social license to operate, enhance their brand as a responsible producer and improve their access to finance.

  • We support downstream companies and investors to develop and implement strategies for responsible mineral supply chains. We undertake due diligence on suppliers or investee companies and help implement supply chain traceability solutions. Our services help our clients to manage risks, protect their reputation and make informed procurement or investment decisions.

  • We support policy makers and standard setters to develop, implement or evaluate measures that encourage or require the adoption of responsible mineral production or sourcing practices by industry. Our services help our clients drive responsible mineral and metal supply chains across sectors and geographies.

We are as comfortable engaging with operational personnel and local communities in remote and challenging environments as we are working with senior management in corporate headquarters.

Project case studies

Supporting transformative change in responsible artisanal cobalt mining

Kumi has a key role supporting Trafigura and its partners, Chemaf and Pact, in the development of a formalised artisanal cobalt mine site of unprecedented scale in the Democratic Republic of Congo.